five realms issue #1: The golden king

Whispers of a "Golden King" have reached the ears of the Clover Clan Prince... An errant king has set up a makeshift stronghold on the eastern edges of the Realms, plundering Clover lands already wracked by civil war.

To make matters worse, the pretender king is also rumored to have a powerful mage in his retinue of fanatical followers.

Heir apparent to the nearly extinct Mallow Clan, Prince Mehan, and his two companions Iwain and Gellaze march out to the eastern lowland regions of the Five Realms to put an end to the tyrant's reign of terror. Will they find the Golden King before he sets his sights on more neighboring villages? Or will the bigger beasts of the forest swallow them all...

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Five Realms Issue #2: Two ways home

We pick up immediately from where we last left our heroes- running desperately for their lives escaping a frenzied, beastly terror. 

In their frantic escape and left with more questions than answers in the Golden King's stronghold, our trio find themselves with an unexpected new member in their party: the king's very own skink alchemist.

They need to make it back to their home and present their findings to the Lord of Whitefall. Who is this strange alchemist? What can be done against the full might of the Mountains...?


Tales from the Five Realms: The Firewatch

Taking up the mantle of the red cloak and leather, those selected to join The Firewatch are the Realms' guardians. Protectors and heralds of the wildfire that eats away at the northern borders of the Five Realms every year, members of the Firewatch spend their lives surveying and tending what delicate life there is in the region's harshest climate.

 All life is precious to the Firewatch.